Our Services

Pattaya Super Group provides the following services :-

Visa Services  –  Pattaya Super Group provides one stop service for all applications of visa to overseas and also visa to stay in Thailand.  Pattaya Super Group provides high standard of services at reasonable price.  Services provided by Pattaya Super Group include the preparation of documents, translation, transportation arrangement, pre-interview assistance, etc.  

Legal Services
–  Pattaya Super Group has a good team of lawyers providing legal assistance and advice on all legal matters such as formation of companies, application for work permits, sale and purchase of businesses, civil and criminal litigation, divorce proceedings, etc.

Real Estate Services – Pattaya Super Group provides free listings for sellers and charges no commission from buyers.  The services of Pattaya Super Group  include the preparation of contract for the seller and the approval of contract for the buyer and legal assistance throughout the deal until the transfer of title at the Land Office.

Travel Services – Visa Run to Cambodia and Laos.  Bookings of air ticket, hotel and transportation. 

Translation/Interpretation Services Accommodation Services