Legal & Accounting Services

Our team of lawyers provides legal assistance and advice on all legal matters such as formation of companies, application for work permits, sale and purchase of businesses, civil and criminal litigation, divorce proceedings, making of Wills, etc. In order to get the work permit application approved, the applicant is required to have a Non-Immigrant (Business) Visa for 3 months.  Normally, the applicant applies for a work permit for working in his own company.  In that case, you need to set up a Thai limited company first.  Then, by providing the required supporting documents about the Thai limited company, you will be able to get the Non-Immigrant (Business) Visa.  One thing that the applicant should be aware of is that the Non-Immigrant (Business) Visa cannot be obtained in Thailand.  Therefore, it means that the applicant is required to take a short trip to any of the Thai Embassies outside Thailand for getting that visa.  If you want to avoid that trip, the best solution is to get the Thai limited company set up before you come to Thailand and then provide the supporting documents to the Thai Embassy in your country for getting the Non-Immigrant (Business) Visa.  If you require any further information, please contact us. It is not easy to find a good Thai lawyer who is both good at law and English to represent you in any legal procedure or proceedings.  Super Consultants is certainly one of the best choices in Thailand.  For free legal consultation, please contact us to make the appointment. Our accountant and auditor can help you to prepare the final accounts for your Thai limited company & get audited at reasonable charges.  Please contact us for further information.